Love, Grace and Countenance


I have thought long and hard
About the extraordinary gift
Of a woman’s submission
It is not just her body
Tied to my bed
And bending to my will
But it is the generous gift
Of her very spirit
How can I honor such divinity?
Am I wise enough?
Can my empathy and intuition
Guide me to the right course?
I have failed often
Yet grown each time
Can I trust another
And give of myself
Without vanity?
Can I reveal
What I have kept hidden
For a lifetime?
Why should I trust
When I have so little faith?
I have observed
So many men take for granted
A woman’s service
When her spirit
Is not truly theirs
And so the gift that I offer
Is one that no man would choose
And few women would expect
It is her freedom
Offered unconditionally
With the highest respect
And my deepest
Love, grace
And countenance

The Light in the Water


Deep in an ethereal ocean
Of stardust and water
My body spirit
Finally felt free
Part of me
Wanted to drown
Peacefully and finally
Ending my isolation
But then looking upward
I saw the light
Of your effervescent spirit
Shining through the water
And felt your energy
Imploring me
Trying to save me
And so
Choosing love
I made my choice
And swam
Toward the light
Of our union
And my

The Wanton Queen


Clothed in silken raiment
Adorned in gold
Women envy her
Warriors lust for her
And a nation bows
In adoration and homage
To their beautiful queen

And yet for me
She lets the raiment fall
Dropping to her knees
To have me bind her
In rough strips of leather
My naked gorgeous queen
Is also my slut

Painting is of Cleopatra from John William Waterhouse, 1887

My Aurora


My Aurora
Goddess of the dawn
Brings the light of each day
Wings carry her across
Oceans and mountaintops
To join me in sanctuary
Bringing the sun
The joy of her spirit
And the deep, wet quake
Of her submission

Painting is “The Gates of Dawn” by Herbert James Draper in 1900

She Has Curves


She has curves
And a killer smile
She prances and dances
Struts and throws glances
Enchanting all the while
Oh you men…
Don’t be weak, don’t be soft
Don’t dawdle and don’t dote
Just command her
And drop her
Then fuck her throat

Your Sacrifice


Adorn your body
Calm your mind
Prepare your spirit
The scent of incense
Already fills the sanctuary
Candles have been lit
The altar awaits
Your beauty
Your service
And your sacrifice
To my hard ferocity
and intense desire

A Painter’s Hand Lies Still


I thirst for inspiration
My mind is like the dusty corner
Of the wooden planked floor
In an old vacant studio
An old fixture dangles
As weak sunlight
Filters through
Broken glass
An easel
Sits barren
In front of
An empty lounge

Words are not written
And a painter’s hand lies still
Like the coagulated blood
Of a dead poet



I prefer the artistic
Not the graphic or the profane
Give me light and shadow
Sepia tone or black and white
Show me composition
From an artist’s eye
Show me submission
With respect
And adoration
What could be more divine
Than an artist’s desire
For a beautiful woman?

On a Side Street of Old London


On a side street of Old London
Dark, cobblestoned with black lanterns
The guests slowly file in

Beautiful masked women
With plunging necklines, pearls and gowns
Men in their black coats, tails and glasses

It is an erotic affair
As though it were a private masquerade
On All Hallow’s Eve

And as I come out on stage
Looking upward at the tiers and balconies
Gilded chandeliers and tapestries

I take my deep bow
And the lights dim
The audience settles to a whisper

There is nothing on this old stage
Except me, two candelabras flickering
and you naked in a long pine box

You are not quite awake, but not asleep
Aware but in a dreamlike state
Obedient to my commands

Looking slyly at the hushed audience
I wave my hands over the old pine box
As the lid slowly opens

Raising my hands slowly, rhythmically
Your naked body rises and floats
So beautiful, the audiences gasps

Your flowing hair and gorgeous face
Full, erect breasts
And beautiful curves

Aware of the audience and performance
But receptive to only me
Half dreaming, still desiring

Floating naked above the stage
I slowly tease a rope to encircle you
As though the serpent were to devour Eve

My hands never touch, but my motion
Controls your every move and response
Your body slowly rolls and twists

In a dreamlike stupor, you feel my touch
As though it happened
My hand on your neck, the lobe of your ear

As my hands move downward
I brush past your breasts
Your back arches, head tilts back

One hand below you, one above
The audience shivers and anticipates
Women whisper, men just stare

And as the rope begins to tighten
My hands near your deep wetness
While your thighs slightly part

You imagine my soft touch
Electricity rolls through, tingles and excites
Energy builds, pulses and throbs

And finally, as though possessed
You moan and explode, clawing at the air
Releasing all your power

The audience gasps

And as I lower my hands
You settle back into the box
And the lid closes

I take my deep bow
The audience roars
You are my assistant

And I am the magician

The Lightest Touch

A man’s hand
Should convey strength
Deliver power when needed
And command every part of a woman
But also have the lightest touch
Like a gentle whisper
On a summer’s breeze
Always reminding her
That she is free
But fiercely desired

My spanking hand. lol

There Is A Tenderness


We talk gently and respectfully
Like mature lovers with lives and responsibilities
Speaking of burdens that we carry
But also the joyous play
That reminds us
To breathe
And feel
Like living
But when we fuck
We’re like a human tornado
A spinning melee’ of wet limbs and mouths
Reaching a fury beyond comprehension
Destroying everything in our path
Pounding the earth
Into oblivion and
Exceeding all the limitations
Of our imagination
And our bodies
Yet in the middle
There is a tenderness
In this storm
That calms
The spirit
Leaving behind
Bright blue skies
And the promise
Of another
Beautiful day

Taken Reverently


I will seduce you
Slowly and artfully
In an old mansion
With a cast iron bed
And an oval mirror
You will wear
A string of pearls
Your garters
Cuban stockings
The black brimmed hat
A hint of perfume
And nothing else
Except soft ropes
On your
Wrists and ankles
My cock
In your mouth
My seed on
Your breasts
You will be kissed
And taken reverently
Like a Victorian muse
Being painted by a Master
Transported in
And Spirit

Weight or Lightness?


“The heaviest of burdens crushes us, we sink beneath it, it pins us to the ground. But in love poetry of every age, the woman longs to be weighed down by the man’s body.The heaviest of burdens is therefore simultaneously an image of life’s most intense fulfillment. The heavier the burden, the closer our lives come to the earth, the more real and truthful they become. Conversely, the absolute absence of burden causes man to be lighter than air, to soar into heights, take leave of the earth and his earthly being, and become only half real, his movements as free as they are insignificant. What then shall we choose? Weight or lightness?”
― Milan Kundera, The Unbearable Lightness of Being

Come With Me

Come with me.  We will sail the world and leave our worries and past behind.  And when a hard day of sailing is done, we’ll cook a wonderful dinner together, share a bottle of wine or two and spend the rest of the evening fucking in the V-berth, while the waves gently rock our lovemaking and the galaxies glisten above.

Worship Under the Stars


I have a dream of worshipful artistic and spiritual communion under the stars.  Your body will be painted tonight and you will wear your white cotton dress, sandals and nothing else, no panties, bra, or jewelry of any kind.  Be ready at 8:30 pm as we will drive two hours north to my studio in the northern woods.  My lake home and studio barn have been prepared and are waiting for you.

Once we arrive, I have a small dinner waiting, a salad with some baked salmon, fresh asparagus, some brie cheese and wine.  A dinner table with white linens has been prepared on my outdoor deck and as we dine, we will listen to the loons calling from the cool waters of a glistening, glacial lake and look upward through the tall pines to a brilliant sky.  I will have Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto in D Major playing quietly in the background.   Tonight is the night of the dark moon and there will be an ocean of starlight to adorn our meal and communion with each other.

After dinner, I will lead you with the touch of my hand to the studio.  It has a modern kitchen, a large master bath and Queen Anne four post bed in its upper loft.  The entire middle of the barn is a painting studio.  Hundreds of candles have been lit around a large circle on the floor of the studio.  Many of the candles are in floor standing holders of various heights, some are on the floor itself.  The circle is in the exact middle of this floor and, looking upward, you can look through a large glass skylight to the brilliant night sky above.  There is wine, cheese and red grapes to the side and the emptiness of the studio is filled with Bartok’s Viola Concerto.

I will take your hand and lead you silently through the candles to the center of the circle.   I have already painted the circle in swirls of jet black, gray, small amounts of green and dark indigo blue hues.  You will remove your dress and be commanded to get on all four in the center of the circle.  Taking the remainder of the black, blue, gray and green paints, I will use my hands to liberally apply these dark hues to every part of your body.  Starting with your feet, calves and thighs, your legs begin to disappear against the dark backdrop of the Vitruvian circle.  Now my hands apply paint to the smooth curve of your ass, the arch of your back, finally encasing your shoulders and arms.

Turning you over, I slowly cover the top of your legs, thighs, labia, tummy and breasts in dark hues, followed by your shoulders and the remainder of your arms and neck.  The night sky is now quite dark and the stars luminesce through the skylight above.  Taking a small brush, I begin to paint your face tracing around your lips, carefully covering your eyelids, your nose, cheeks and even your ears.  Dark lipstick is applied to your lips.  Then covering my hands in paint, I begin to soak your hair in indigo, black and cobalt until entirely saturated like the night sky above.

With my hand behind your head, I lie your naked, wet body down on the floor.  Bringing your arms above you, I restrain your wrists to some black leather cuffs anchored with black chain above you, then your ankles below.  You are now a dark goddess, spread and restrained in this worship circle.  While the paint dries, I retrieve my camera from the studio’s dark room and set it up on a tripod.  I also open small cans of phosphorescent, artistic grade white, yellow, light gray and red paints.

Entering the circle, I start to applying small dots of color and many white highlights on the dry, dark paint of the floor beneath you.  Using a small pointed brush and the white paint, your body slowly transforms into a reflection of the galaxies above.  Bartok’s concerto continues to play softly in the background while candles flicker as the wax drips toward the floor.  Many more points of light are added on your thighs, your breasts and arms, on your face and the remaining surfaces of your body.  Hundreds of small dabs of yellow, red and even blue are added to enhance the effect.

Finishing my work, I pull the paints and supplies aside and begin blowing out all of the candles, except for one.  Your painted body now glows, filling my studio with your naked beauty from below and the divine light of the stars from above.  Taking one picture without a flash, I reach down and kiss you tenderly on the lips.  Pulling a book out of my artist’s case, I whisper the following poem in a gentle, reverent tone, from John Keats, entitled “Bright Star”:

“Bright star, would I were steadfast as though art-
not in lone splendour hung aloft the night
and watching, with eternal lids apart,
Like nature’s patient, sleepless Eremite,
The moving waters at their priestlike task
Of pure ablution round earth’s human shores,

Or gazing on the new soft-fallen mask
Of snow upon the mountains and the moors – 
No-yet still steadfast, still unchangeable,
Pillow’d upon my fair love’s ripening breast,
To feel for ever its soft fall and swell,
Awake for ever in a sweet unrest,
Still, still to hear her tender-taken breath
And so live ever-or else swoon to death.

You Are My Art, My Canvas


I will silently watch by the glow of candlelight, while hot wax drips from your peaks and pools in your valleys. You will hold my hand and gaze into my eyes until I give further instructions. You are my art, my passion and I choose to use your body as my canvas.

The Power of a Man


How should a man use power?
To accumulate wealth?
Conquer other lands?
Rule a populace?
Manipulate a democracy?
Revel in the adulation of fans?
Acquire a harem of beauties
For his own pleasure and service?
How does he then soothe
The deep pain of his spirit?
For the ego of power
Only seeks greater conquest
And never experiences
The true bliss of
Metaphysical union
With a loving, trusting woman
For she is not a conquest
Her love and body are gifts
Offered with joy
And vulnerability
I always knew
Submission was a gift
What I hadn’t yet mastered
Was how to offer myself
Not just my body
And my mind
But my inner spirit
Wisely and maturely
Without reserve
But still wield
The power of a man

Words by Mr Modigliani, image by Kahlil Gibran

And So I Swim


I have departed
But not yet arrived
So I float naked
In a quantum sea
Filled with stardust
No longer flesh
Yet to be transformed
Not of this earth
And not yet ascended
Muses call
Their lustful bodies
Mystics intimate
Visions of our union
Lovers lament
For past experiences
Who am I?
My past
But a shadow
My destiny
Yet unknown
And so I swim
Against the current
Of my own doubt
Toward a vision
A luminous point
Far in the distance
A destiny
That can only be
The being
Spirit knows
As “Me”

Words by Mr Modigliani, image by Kahlil Gibran

O’Keeffe Was a Muse

Many people think of Georgia O’Keeffe as an older woman and famous American painter who painted flowers in the New Mexico desert.  However, as a young woman, she was Alfred Stieglitz’s passionate muse and the talk of the New York art and social scenes.  Alfred’s pictures of Georgia set the New York art scene on fire and made Georgia famous.  Most of these pictures were taken between 1918 and 1922.  Please click on the first picture to proceed through a slide show.  She was a natural beauty who would do anything for Alfred.  Georgia was born in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin and I love the last pic of her in her bowler hat.


Joy does not uplift
Without the depths of sadness,
Love is more delicious
Having felt the pangs of loss
Pleasure ripples more intensely
when coupled with pain.

Like light illuminating the darkness,
Contrast gives us the sensation
Of living fully.

Giving vs Taking


Giving vs. Taking

I saw the post above on Tumblr about giving vs. taking in a D/s relationship.  It is very well written.  Frankly, I don’t care whether you call it D/s or not.  Too many people are trying to live up to some arbitrary definition.  But I will say that this is the way I will cultivate my most intimate relationship.  I will focus on giving and constantly building trust in a secure, mature and loving way.  And, for that, I expect that she will welcome my Beast and let him ferociously consume whatever he desires.  In my experience, the most extraordinary sex happens when there is a strong spiritual, emotional and intellectual connection first.  Everything else simply flows from from that connection.  The combination of these four elements, spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical create a relationship experience that is ecstatic, divine and metaphysical.  When this happens, I literally know the other person’s thoughts and feelings, wherever we may be in the world. I am a mature man now.  I don’t have time to waste.  I’ve tried everything else, including decades of duty and responsibility.  This is the way I will spend the rest of my life.

This Is the Hand


This is the hand
That will clutch your jaw
Back you to the wall
So I can check
Your folds

This is the hand
That will bend you over
Strip down your panties
So I can mark
Your ass

This is the hand
That will smother your mouth
Sinking fingers inside
So I can finger
Your hole

This is the hand
That will stroke your hair
And lift your chin
So I can kiss
Your tears

This is the hand
That will write you poems
Caress your pain
So I can cure
Your fears

On Pain


And a woman spoke, saying,
Tell us of Pain.

And he said:
Your pain is the breaking of the shell
that encloses your understanding.
Even as the stone of the fruit must break,
That its heart may stand in the sun,
So must you know pain.

And could you keep your heart in
wonder at the daily miracles of your life,
Your pain would not seem less
wondrous than your joy;
And you would accept the
seasons of your heart,
Even as you have always accepted
the seasons that pass over your fields.
And you would watch with serenity
through the winters of your grief.

Much of your pain is self-chosen.
It is the bitter potion by which
the physician within you
heals your sick self.
Therefore trust the physician,
and drink his remedy
in silence and tranquility:

For his hand,
though heavy and hard,
is guided by the tender hand
of the Unseen,
And the cup he brings,
though it burn your lips,
has been fashioned by the clay
which the Potter has moistened
with His own sacred tears.

Poetry and art by Kahlil Gibran

Minions and Pawns


The chess queen is bored
with minions and pawns
She’s a Russian master
Weak men paw at her feet
Toppling over to
Sorcery and words
I’m white, you’re black
If you want to play dear
Get down on all four
And I will mark your
Hot little ass
While you thank me
Then, just maybe
We’ll consider a match

Our Dance Together


It is not
A woman’s
Full breasts
Or shapely ass
That enthrall me
I am a mature man
And have seen many
It is the twinkle in her eye
The joyous play of minds
Sharing of confessions
The revelation of self
Our dance together
And the nurture
Of union
That firms
My desire

Words by Mr Modigliani, image by Buzillo on deviantArt


FX Photo Studio_image

Spring is in the air
I smell the musk
Of the forest again
And of a woman’s scent
My insides stir
The beast growls
Come with me
I’ll strap you to a tree
Kiss you deeply
Lift your skirt
And belt your
Pretty little ass

Live Once Again


You have suffered so deeply. Do you know how beautiful you are? Roll the stone away from your pain and come to me. Take off your crown of thorns. I will brush away your tears, kiss you deeply and make you remember what it means to live once again.

Tears of Submission


She has endured
More transgression
Than any woman
Should suffer
But through it all
Remained strong

Even in the face
Of the darkest storm
She offered her all
Her body
Her life
Her loyalty

And yet
Her sweet heart
Still cries
With vulnerability
And the tender
Tears of submission

She’s A Wild Lioness


She’s a wild lioness
Who was penned too long
And is finally free
She smells the scent
Of wild game
And the fresh meat
She longs to devour
Slowly and
In her own sweet fangs
Don’t even attempt
To cage her
She’ll never let you
Just listen to her roar
Then bite her neck
And fuck her hard

Oh Frida (A Slideshow Gallery)

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Oh Dear Frida
Did you ever paint Diego?
That wretch of a man
Instead your art reflected
Your own beauty
And pain
Not just physical
But spiritual

I would take you
All of you faithfully
And serve you
Feed you
Tie you
Fuck you
Laughing and crying
Truly living
To the end of our days


A Thousand Candles


A sexual tryst
Is like striking a match
A bright flash of light
Searing heat and flame
An Intoxicating curiosity

Hold it too long
The flame will die
Leaving only smoke
Acrid scent of sulfur
And charred remains

I would rather use it
To light a thousand candles
A more eternal flame
And amorous reminder
Of passion and love

My Heaven

I have a follower that is going through a very rough time.  She feels alone, won’t accept her own beauty and is not feeling much happiness in her life at the moment.  As a friend, I gave her an assignment to write about something, not related to her children, that has been joyful in her life.  She is a former professional ballet dancer, of the highest caliber, and so she wrote this piece called, “My Heaven” and gave  permission to post it.  The picture below is actually her (though not from the ballet that she writes about).

My dear friends and followers, please write warm words of encouragement for her.



“My Heaven” – written by Kimberly

Standing on stage ‘in our places’- the warm overhead lights, the orchestra tuning, conductor tapping his baton on the podium – music begins. Tchaikovsky Serenade for Strings in D. Choreographed by Balanchine. The first few measures play and then the heavy red velvet curtain slowly rises. I was standing all the way down stage left. The rest of the corps took their cue from me. Feet were in neutral, left arm down, right arm extended up with the right wrist slightly flexed. Eyes looking at the hand.  Chin slightly lifted.  Then – the right wrist broke position on cue with the music…. The dancing had begun.  On stage with a live symphony orchestra and a full house – or rehearsal – there is nothing more powerful in the world to me and the closest I have ever come to pure joy. I can smell the rosin, make up, hairspray and feel the draft of cold air as the curtain rose. I was where I wanted to be. I felt thin, beautiful, capable and alive.

Submissive for a Night

This post was contributed by good friend, follower and anonymous guest author, Miss Beltstripe.  Also I want to thank her Sir for his blessing.  Miss Beltstripe’s post is damn smoking hot, so if you’re going to read it, have ice water and a cold washcloth nearby.  Please give her good feedback.


Arriving at your hotel, you are in the bar, meeting with clients, when I arrive. I’m wearing a gray satin trench coat with black patent leather red-bottoms. My pale, blonde hair hangs sleekly around my shoulders.

When you see me, you leave your clients to greet me and give me a key to your room. The look in your eyes makes me squirm as you approach. You take my elbow and walk towards the elevator.

“You look very lovely, my dear. I’m curious what you have beneath that coat, but I must finish my business. Go up to the room, I’ll be up in 30 minutes.”

As the elevator door opens, you pull the edge of my coat toward you, and slip your fingers between my legs where you feel my undress. Pushing me into the little box, up against the wall, you growl against my lips. “You would come wearing nothing, slut.”

Crushing me with a kiss that nearly makes me cum, before backing away and slipping the key between my fingers, you smile with a glint in your eye, “You’ll pay for this, little girl.”

My eyes follow your hand motion to your arousal, straining against the front of your pants, just before the elevator doors close.

I smile as my knees threaten to collapse but somehow manage to remain upright. I feel my desire trickling down my thigh as the doors open on your floor.

Once in the room, I have no idea what to do. If you found me masturbating on your bed, would you punish me? You already alluded to punishment for turning you on… How was I to know you’d be working this late in the evening?

I slide the coat off and pour myself a glass of the champagne you’ve left chilling next to the sofa. Glancing around the room, I take in the beautiful decor and contemplate how much such a beautiful space costs. Then I twirl my hair impatiently, curious if you’ll really keep me waiting half an hour.

Perhaps you’ll torture me, and make we wait longer.

I notice cuffs and straps on the table next to the bed and quiver at the idea of being in them. I consider turning on the television, but opt for music instead. Something to soothe my nerves. After turning on the tiny stereo, I step into the restroom to check my appearance, swaying to the rhythm of my choice.

I dab my lips with a tissue, my lip gloss smeared from your kiss. I do hope you wiped it off before heading back to your meeting. I run my fingers over my neck and across my full breasts, before sliding them down my soft belly stopping short of my sweet little landing strip.

I look better than usual. Something about being here for you makes me look incredible. I’m aroused by my own reflection, and allow my fingers to travel the path all over again.

I imagine your fingers… and sigh, wishing you wouldn’t keep me waiting long. I let the music fill me, and move, with it, back to the room where I find you staring at me. How long had you been there? Oh, my. Are you angry with me?

“You’re very smart to keep yourself from playing in my absence, girl. Your punishment would’ve only been worse. Come here.” Your voice does things to me that make it difficult for me to walk. But as you hold out your hand, I make my way towards you.

Your fingers slide over my shoulders and down my arms, and a rumble escapes your throat as your senses take me in. Inhaling my scent, with your nose in my hair, you growl, “You smell delicious, slut.”

My knees nearly buckle, I want you so badly. But you keep me upright and walk me to the sofa. As you bend me over the back, I know what’s coming, and I’m panting with anticipation.

I hear you slide your belt off, and I’m sure you can smell my arousal. I hear you take in a deep breath before your fingers slide between my thighs.

“You’re far too excited about being punished, dear girl. …But I like it.”

You’re fingers dip between my folds and I tremble, already so ready. For your fingers, your mouth, your cock, your strength and your Dominance. I clench trying to entice some movement, but you pull away.

Your hand smooths over my bottom cheeks before you land a few blows to warm my skin. You rumble with satisfaction at the color change in my flesh, striking me a few more times, before folding the belt in half and swatting me with it.

I keep myself from crying out, but can’t stop my body from flinching. You seem to like it, because each strike comes harder and faster until I cannot stop my voice.

After the first cry, you hiss and let the belt fly open. Lashing me several times before stopping to soothe my skin with your palm.

“I believe you could take more, but I need to fuck you.”

I hear your pants fall before you plunge into my depths. I moan, involuntarily, but the sound quickly changes into something far closer to mewling as you hammer away at my rent. I’m about to topple over the edge when I realize you haven’t instructed me about cumming. Do I need to ask?

As if sensing my need, you roar, “Cum, slut! Cum now!”

Your words send me into oblivion, writhing and clenching. I lift my hands behind me, in attempt to slow your momentum, to allow the orgasm to subside, the sensation of you pounding my bruised ass is too intense.

Instead, you grab my wrists and use the additional leverage to drive deeper and harder.

“Please, Sir, please…” My cries only serve to make you chuckle.

Sliding out of me, you pull me up, “If my cock is too much for your cunt,” you grab my hair and force me to my knees. “Perhaps your mouth can handle more.”

You ram your throbbing cock between my lips, deep into my throat, and hold me there, by the back of my hair until I’m gasping and clawing at your thighs.

You release me, and I take a deep breath before taking you back into my mouth. I bob up and down, pressing my lips firmly across your shaft while swirling my tongue around in the most intimate massage. I suck and pull, plunge and swirl, using my fingers to tease your balls until I feel you tighten.

You push me off so that you can blow your load on my face. I stick out my tongue, wanting to taste you, and am rewarded with rope after rope of your fluffy, white cum on my tongue, cheeks, and chest.

Your groans and grunts make me pray silently that I will get to hear them again and again. Such a magical sound.

You allow me to suck you clean until you are soft, and then whisper for me to go shower while you prepare things so that you can play. I practically convulse at the thought.

I finish in the shower quickly, and when I step out, you are standing there with a towel.

“Turn, let me see my marks, little girl.”

As I do, I turn my head so that I too can view the proof of your punishment on my ass. There are some slight welts and a few bruises, I’m not sure how easily I will sit tomorrow, but tonight, the pain is barely noticeable.

You suck in a breath, tracing the marks and smiling. “Good Girl. Come dry off, I have more fun for you.”

As I make my way into the room, you pull me against you, digging your fingers into my backside and crushing my lips with yours. Your kiss is so hard, I find myself, again, weak in the knees. You play me like a fucking instrument and I’m wet, instantly.

As you pull away, you chuckle, as if reading my thoughts. “Little girl, you are too easy.”

You guide me to the bed and gently push me to lie down on my back. As you wrap my wrists and ankles with the cuffs, you stroke and pet my body, making me pant and wriggle. I never take my eyes off of you, while you stretch and spread me, attaching the cuffs to straps secured to the bed.

Once you have me, spread eagle, with my arms pulled tight above my head, you tickle the back of my knee and my underarm to see how much room I have to move. I have none, and giggle and squirm as you chuckle down at me. “Hmmm, that could be fun,” you whisper.

You laugh at my pout, and turn to change the music. I’m not sure what it is that you turn on, but it’s a piano playing a haunting melody. I still can’t tear my eyes away from you, and when you turn back toward me, your smile has turned devilish.

You pick up something from the floor and place it on the sheet between my legs. I’m so focused on watching your face, I don’t even look to see what they are. As you glide around the bed, you drag the fronds of a suede flogger over my skin. Up my left leg, belly and chest and down the other side. I’m panting again within moments and when you lift it into the air, I hold my breath in anticipation.

You swing it from side to side over my belly and breasts then down over my legs. I wince when it hits my shins, but the sensation is not at all as I expected it to be. Of course, then you change pace and the height of the hits. The warming bites of the tiny fronds on my thighs and abdomen make me arch my back and whimper slightly. When they fall over my breasts, my body feels so alive, I pull at the straps wanting to direct the hits.

As I moan and writhe, you suddenly stop. I whine before opening my eyes to look up at you. Pleading in my mind for more, your fingers slide up the inside of my thigh before you run them up my slit. Like your checking me, testing me. I try to push against them, closing my eyes again, but they are gone too quickly.

Before I open my eyes, the flogger is back, but stinging my pussy now. Strike after strike, it burns, but like some some incredible fire that I never want to go out. The sound of you grunting, softly with each swing and my own mewling noises mix with the music adding a strange percussion to the song.

I start to get lost in it, feeling the perfection of pain turning into pleasure and lifting me to the sky.

When I realize the blows have stopped, I feel you climb onto the bed between my legs. You stroke and kiss my thighs and belly, so softly, it feels almost surreal compared to the heat trapped in my skin. When your lips make their way to my swollen, hot mound, you breathe gently across my folds before blowing lightly on my hooded clit.

Your hot breath feels delicious against my shaved pussy and I lift my hips wanting more of you on me. Or in me. When I feel nothing but air, I whine and finally open my eyes to look down at you. The look on your face is absolute dominance, and your hand comes down fast and hard on my sex.

I cry out and arch my back but want more and finally find my voice. “Yes! Please, Sir… more!”

“Good girl,” you rumble and land three more strikes quickly before using your other hand to pull back the hood of my clit and rub my pleasure pearl.

I’m so wet with need that when you pop my clit with several lighter smacks, I feel the liquid splatter across my thighs. You rumble loudly and drop your lips against me, licking up my juices and pushing two fingers inside of my clenching cunt.

It takes mere moments of licking and sucking while pounding into me with your fingers to get me bucking off the mattress and pulling hard at my restraints. “Oh, God… Oh, God,” I moan, sensing you are about to rip a massive orgasm from me.

When your teeth scrape against me, it sends me into the abyss of the most incredible climax of my life. I’m spinning and convulsing, but you pull me back to earth with your fingers around my throat and your hand spanking my already vibrating pussy.

“Cum again, through the pain. I need to see you do it,” you growl, and as I feel my body taking the pain and morphing into something greater, building into something indescribable, I give you exactly what you want.

I try hard to keep my eyes open, to watch you take in what you’ve done to me, but I can’t. As they roll back into my head, I feel the waves pulsing through me, wondering if they will ever stop. My whole body finally falls limp and you quickly move to take off the cuffs.

When my limbs are free, you kiss me hard before flipping me onto my stomach and positioning yourself on top of me.

“I’m going to take your ass now, little slut.”

You are rubbing your cock between my cheeks, using my own liquid lust to lubricate before pressing against my puckered hole. I take a deep breath and try hard to relax. I don’t think you’ll fit, but if I think about it too much, I’ll panic.

Your kissing and nibbling my shoulder, and the distraction works very well. Soon, the head of your dick is inside me. I gasp as you push in further and do my best to relax and open up to you. Within moments, I feel your body pressed against my bruised backside, and I realize you are in.

The feeling is odd but amazing. As you begin to move inside me, it hurts, but I don’t want it to stop.

You pull my hand down beside me and whisper for me to pleasure my clit, “It will make it easier,” you breathe against my hair.

When I start kneading my mound, I realize you were right. I’m sore and on fire, but I don’t care, because it is easier. My muscles relax and I just keep rubbing as you increase your speed until to you pull up onto your arms and are fucking my ass fast and hard.

“If you cum again before I do, I’ll have to beat your ass again,” you growl, hearing my moans and mewls getting faster and shorter. It’s too late to stop it though, and I explode, this time, spraying the sheet below me.

You pull my ass in the air, rising to your knees behind me and beginning smacking my sore cheeks while pounding into me. Not for long, however, because you soon pull out, grunting and groaning as you spray your hot cum all over my ass.

When you collapse next to me, we are both silent for several minutes as we catch our breath. Tenderly, you push my hair away from my face, and smile at me weak and sated. In a gravelly whisper, you say, “Good Girl, how do you feel?”

I contemplate for a moment before licking my lips and giggling, before whispering, “Like a well used submissive.”

And, oh, what am amazing feeling that is. Even if it is only one night.


Photo Credit to LithiumPicnic on deviantArt and Tumblr


It’s What She Needs


She is not a sub
And may never be
Her inner voice
Convinces her of
A different choice

But her spirit wails
And her body lusts
For hard physical passion
Power exchange
Seed and submission

If you play with her
Deliver strength
Back her to a wall
Kiss her hard
Command her jaw

Use her
Discipline her
Drop her to her knees
It’s what she needs, and
She loves to please

Picture taken from Tumblr

Your Beautiful Eyes

A special thank you goes out to each of you for participating in “Eye Day”, especially for for trusting me enough to receive your emails and handle these pictures appropriately.  I promised to treat each contribution respectfully and confidentially, so if you have any concerns or requests about anything posted here, please let me know and I will do my best to respond to your request quickly.

It is also very important for me to say that everyone one of these eyes is beautiful.  I learned that taking a picture of your own eyes can be challenging and so I did my best to fix and touch up some of your photos.  As you’ll see, nineteen women from their early 20’s to mid 50’s participated and I am very pleased.  The pictures below are in random order.  Please offer your words of support and positive comments to all that participated.

Finally, I said that I would include my eyes.  They are all the way at the bottom as I did not want to distract from yours.  Thank you, once again, for contributing.

photo (1)

This eye is from Sicilian Siren


These eyes are from Lady Virtue at Graceful Simplicity


Piercing eyes submitted by “Anonymous”.

photo (7)

The always wise eyes of Little BoPeep


These are the eyes of My Sir’s Mynx


The eyes now listed as “Anonymous”


This is Kelly from ‘Kelly’s Wandering Mind’


Submitted by Kimberly.


These are Mel’s eyes.  Doesn’t she look happy?


WildWestAngel’s lovely eyes


These are Elle’s eyes


These eyes were also submitted anonymously


The eyes of Blossom


Errant’s blue eye


These are Phoenixasubbie’s eyes


Many of you know Hasty’s eyes


Here’s a peek behind those sunglasses at Heartafire.


These are the eyes of Alder’s Ash


These are the whiskey colored eyes of Desiree G


These are Claudia’s eyes from Claudia’s Ramblings


These are Kimmie’s eyes


Her Sweet Scent


As a beauty sat across from me
The touch of her hand on my thigh
Her gaze deep into mine
I was reminded
That the best moments
Don’t always require
Straps, clamps and floggers
I simply leaned forward
Put my head in her hair
Kissed that perfect spot
On the nape of her neck
Just below the ear
And inhaled the
The intoxicating, sweet scent
Of a woman



Me and Rumi


There is a sanctuary
With ancient, virgin pines
A garden for meditation
And a Druid worship circle
Where worshippers gather for solstice

My most spiritual words
Adorn the entrance
Right next to Rumi
And I could not
Be more honored

Note:  this is absolutely true.  One of my deepest and most spiritual poems is posted right next to this at the entrance of this sanctuary.  When I read this particular quote by Rumi, I just about fall to my knees.  This has the potential to reveal my identity, so I don’t know how long I will leave it up.

Getting Off


I want to welcome and thank a new guest author that would like to remain anonymous, so we are using the pen name of “Dawn”.  I greatly appreciate that she was kind enough to write this very creative, erotic piece for my blog and I hope that you give her very positive feedback so that she’ll contribute again.

His head was between my legs and for a moment I panicked.  What was I doing?  I barely knew these eyes looking up at me.

My husband hates that I am an attorney and worries about me being around such violent behavior every day.  When we aren’t fighting about my career choice, I am busy getting my ass kicked by a dozen different cases.  I am exhausted and stressed and I need to be reckless.  If I have a secret that I hide well it is that I am an adrenaline junkie.

Maybe it was his orange jumpsuit or his propensity to take risks that turned me on, but I knew from the moment I walked into the room to introduce myself, as his new attorney, that I was about to be reckless.  He was half my age and his face was already hardened.  He had well-kept scruff outlining a grin that surfaced when I walked in.

I turned to dismiss the guard and before I could say a word my client motioned for me to be quiet.  His finger was on his lips at first but then it was asking me to come closer.  I did as he asked more out of curiosity than submission, and when he twirled his finger so I would turn for him, I did so.  When my back was to him he stood up and standing close with his hands around my neck he whispered, “Are you scared?”

Ahhh… yes, that adrenaline started pumping and my breath picked up its pace.  I wanted to feel his strength take control of me.  “No” I shook my head and turned around in his arms to face him.  “Maybe you should be afraid of me though.”

Before he could argue I pressed my mouth hard on his and let my adrenaline feed him.  I could feel him grow hard under his suit as he pushed me against the concrete wall next to the interrogation room door.  His hands pushed my skirt up and…

His eyes are beautiful and his tongue feels so good.  I had one of my legs resting on his shoulder as his hands did double duty by both kneading my breasts and holding me hard against the concrete wall.  My fingers entangled themselves in his hair and I rode his face until I came hard into his mouth.

I was still in the middle of screaming “Oh my fucking god” when a guard came rushing in. He stood frozen, mouth open, eyes wide taking in the sight of my black pencil skirt around my waist with an inmate’s face buried checks deep between my thighs.  Mr. Cunnilingus hadn’t noticed and was still busy when the guard finally regained his composure.

“Are you alright ma’am?”

I made eye contact and just as my client had a few moments before; I placed my finger over my lips. I motioned for him to be quiet and to shut the door.  The guard was tall, a bit heavier, and married as evidenced by a small thin wedding band.   He reminded me of Mr. Clean.

I pushed my clients head away so I could stand again. I walked over to the guard and asked him if he would help me.  He nodded and I unzipped his pants surprised at just how ready he was to help.  His hands forced my mouth to take his full length immediately.  As he roughly fucked my mouth making my adrenaline pump from lack of breath,  I heard my client unzipping his jumpsuit.

I had never been unfaithful before and never have I even thought about having two strange men fuck me crazy, but here I was being used like a play toy and it felt amazing.  Both cocks fighting for dominance inside my body, as one pulled away the other slammed in.  The rhythm rocked me and just before I came again for a second time I heard my client spit and then felt a slippery wet finger slide into my ass.  All three holes were filled as one finger became two, then three and my orgasm built so fast, I don’t remember anything after that.

I had passed out… but when I was conscious again my skirt was proper as was the guard and the inmate.  My client was sitting across from me on the other side of the table smiling at me as I raised my head from my arms.  “Hi my name is Ryan, thank you for taking my case!”

Dear Frida


My dear Frida, how I desire thee. Had our lives coincided, I surely would have rescued you from that wretch of a man and made you mine.  Pursuing the true boundaries of love and pain together, my spirit would be with yours, your body, heart and soul respected, desired and worshipped faithfully until we both departed.

Capturing Souls


You sometimes forget
with whom you are speaking
I am not one of your weak minded
minions that are so easily fooled
For I already know the girl
behind the curtain of Oz

Let’s be honest.  Capturing souls
is an art we both understand and I
am not such easy prey. You boast of
such skill and, yet, don’t you realize
that it is only your own spirit that
suffers from such hubris?

Why not live? Why not dance
With a flower in your hair?
Your tender, sweet words
Are a reminder of its possibility
There is strength in vulnerability
And victory in submission

Life is not about conquering
Then suffering in its isolation
It is about living joyfully
I much prefer love and laughter
The touch and sweet kiss
Of a vulnerable, honest woman

My Different Life


I am slowly coming to the realization that my life happens very differently than most.  Beast seems to know why these things occur, for he is wiser than I am in many ways, but I am still frequently surprised.  As an example, about a year ago I was in Manhattan for an honorary event on an upper floor of a major foundation.  I met many prominent members of the national arts community, foundation and government leaders.  I really felt I had no right to be there, yet I had been invited.

Later that day, I was in the upper east side of Manhattan for a ground breaking event for a new community restoration project of a historic building.  While I was there, this beautiful young woman approached me and introduced herself.  Beast’s nostrils flared.  He smelled her scent, looked at her thigh high boots and blonde hair, read her eyes and alerted me right away.  The conversation was appropriate, polite and we exchanged business cards.  During this conversation, I learned that she had started her own non-profit foundation.

Since that time, she has called me on a regular basis and asked that I get involved in her foundation.  Yet, I have no knowledge in the subject of her foundation and so, thus far, I have declined.  There is no reason, based on the work of her foundation, for her to extend this invitation to me.  Meanwhile, Beast, who is ever present, whispers very clearly to me, in his gruff voice, about what is really happening.

I don’t mind that the relations between men and women are frequently complicated and filled with sexual tension.  In fact, I rather cherish it.  One just learns to accept this tension with grace and maturity, help where I can, and always stay friends with those that are of a like spirit.




The Gala (Final)


The final installment of my gala series

Originally posted on Mr. Modigliani's Private Studio:

Coming down the parkway
We only have about twenty blocks
And there is traffic all around
Though you seem not to care
I can feel your heat
Your eyes are
On fire

Your hand dives for my belt
The same one I have used on you
Many times before
It is quickly released
And so am I
Hard and

And though cabs and trucks go by
You are focused and hungry
Anxious to please me
Consume what I offer
Head bobbing

We are only a few blocks away
Stopped at a red light
Now is the time, It must be
And so I take your head
Faster, harder
Take it!

My eyes roll back into my head
And I absolutely explode
While you eagerly drink
Multiple shots
And clean me
Like a baby
And your master

We have arrived
Our new theater opens tonight!
And as…

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Foundation Work

Much has been said about depression lately and I will have something to say about it soon. One of the ways I have dealt with my own is through my involvement in the arts. As many of you know, I am a board director at a dance theater. Recently however I have accepted an additional role on a major foundation serving on their Arts and Culture committee. It’s a different group of people than my normal life and hopefully it will help satisfy my rather insatiable soul.

The Gala (Part 3)


Part 3 of the series. This is also part of what I expect.

Originally posted on Mr. Modigliani's Private Studio:

nice_blowjob_while_he_is_driving (1)

We have only 25 minutes
And I have taken the parkway
To give us a bit of privacy
For I have plans for you
Needing their fulfillment

You have obeyed
Your hair is beautiful
And I can see your hard nipples
As your dress falls forward
But it is your eyes
That captivate

“Dear, show me”, I command
The silken dress is already pretty short
And so it only takes a few inches
To reveal what I demand to see
And it is glorious
Just for me

“we only have a bit of time. Open the glove compartment. I know it it a bit large, but I need you to use this on yourself right now!”

With a shout of glee
Your eagerly take it all
Left hand on the steering wheel
My right hand reaches over
To really drive
The action

With hard thrusts
I yell out “Cum…

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